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Star Wars – What’s All the Fuss About?

“Star Wars: The Force Awakens” finally opens this week amid unprecedented fanfare – and while devotees of the space-based saga may be drooling with anticipation, the average “Star Wars” layman may be curious what all the fuss is about, or even downright hostile.

“Star Wars” movies are all about pop entertainment, pure and simple; they don’t aim to address a significant sociopolitical issue. Still, the films have undeniable staying power, particularly the original trilogy. Besides ranking among the most financially successful films of all time, they have also influenced hundreds of films in the wake, inspired artists and performers in a number of mediums and permanently permeated our cultural identity. Even if you’ve never seen a “Star Wars” film, you’ve likely heard of some of its characters or lore.

Star Wars

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What’s Your Favourite Christmas Film?

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, so we’re told, and it wouldn’t be Christmas without the Christmas movies we all know and love, which have become part of everyone’s family tradition over the last few decades. Recently, Empire readers were asked to vote for their favourite seasonal films, and here are the results – and there are a few surprises in there too! Click on the link below for the results, and Merry Christmas!

Time Out – 50 Best Christmas Movies


Elf (2003)

PG  |   |  Comedy, Family, Fantasy  |  28 November 2003 (UK)

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Ratings: 6.9/10 from 137,334 users   Metascore: 64/100
Reviews: 384 user | 150 critic | 38 from

After inadvertently wreaking havoc on the elf community due to his ungainly size, a man raised as an elf at the North Pole is sent to the U.S. in search of his true identity.


Jon Favreau


David Berenbaum



Ex Machina a MUST SEE MOVIE!!!

Science fiction has often dreamed about the concept of aritifical intelligence. But in what is likely the smartest genre movie of the year, writer-director Alex Garland happily fears it. It’s not that he doesn’t have an apocalyptic view of sentient robotic beings; he just likes them better than us.

Thus enter Ex Machina a perfectly insidious con game that gets under the skin as viewers do not know if the characters are undergoing a Turing test…or if the audience is. Caleb (Domhnall Gleeson) is ostensibly invited to the country estate of his CEO (Oscar Isaac) to test the AI of a robot named Ava (Alicia Vikander). But he quickly discovers that he might be the actual guinea pig in this quietly hypnotic trip into madness.




“Cinema for Rutland” in Oakham

A monthly cinema is set to restart at Rutland County Museum and volunteers are being urged to come forward to make the scheme a success.

Arts for Rutland plans to launch the monthly film screening on the first Thursday of the month from September.

The group is working with Rutland County Museum, volunteers and members of Catmose Film Club to bring regular screenings back to Oakham for the first time since 2012, when Live@ the Museum was axed due to council budget cuts.

A4R – Cinema for Oakham

Rutland County Museum

Quick Movie Facts

The Departed – Did You Know?

While filming the movie “The Departed”, Jack Nicholson felt that he wasn’t “intimidating” enough during the scene where Billy and Frank are talking. So the next day Nicholson, shocked everyone on set, including the director Martin Scorsese and his co-star Leonardo DiCaprio, by deviating from the script and pulling out a weapon to frighten his co-star and provoke a genuine reaction. DiCaprio said, “It was one of the most memorable moments of his life, as far as being an actor is concerned.”


Martin Scorsese Directing “The Devil in the White City”

Leonardo DiCaprio’s “Killer Passion” project now at Paramount

Here’s one we’re really, really excited about. It is, in fact, the adaptation of Erik Larson’s excellent true-crime thriller novel The Devil In The White City, which Leonardo DiCaprio has been trying to make for years with no success. Things are finally sharpening up for the film, with Martin Scorsese coming aboard to direct.

Larson’s scrupulously researched and endlessly compelling tome chronicles real-life serial killer Dr H.H. Holmes, who might not have gained the infamy of Jack the Ripper, but is alleged to have killed a slew of people around the time of the 1893 World’s Fair in Chicago. A weird and charismatic, if ghoulish figure, it’s easy to see why Holmes would appeal to DiCaprio on screen, even though the result will likely be darker than anything he’s tackled in the past (yes, even The Wolf Of Wall Street’s Jordan Belfort).

And reuniting with his Wolf/ Shutter Island collaborator, Scorsese, is the best of all possible worlds. DiCaprio has been looking to get this one into production since the rights first became available, but finally snagged them in 2010. Writers such as The Imitation Game’s Graham Moore have come and gone and Warner Bros. had the option on the movie for a while, before letting it go around a month ago. DiCaprio, along with producers Rick Yorn, Stacey Sher, Michael Shamberg and Jennifer Davisson offered up a new deal that included a script by Captain Phillips’ Billy Ray and Paramount was quick to snatch it up, beating the likes of Fox and Universal to the project.

With luck, this will finally start moving quickly and DiCaprio can pencil in a date to team up with Scorsese once again. The actor has been busy on the punishing shoot for Alejandro González Iñárritu’s The Revenant, while Scorsese working on missionary historical drama Silence.

Martin_Scorsese poster

Reese Witherspoon Feels the Cold

She’ll Star in AND Produce a new Supernatural Thriller

As she continues to produce and develop projects that provide decent starring roles for herself and other women, Reese Witherspoon is picking up scripts of various genres. She’s now attached to supernatural thriller Cold.

Bill Marsilii came up with the original concept, which, you will be absolutely flabbergasted (read: not surprised at all) to hear is being kept quiet. All the Hollywood Reporter was able to dig up was that it’s a dark thriller with supernatural elements. Could it have some ghostly themes? Spirits often do seem to be portrayed as lowering the ambient temperature in a room.

Witherspoon and Pacific Standard Films partner Bruna Papandrea brought the project to Lionsgate, which, known for its genre movies, jumped at the chance to start developing it. And while not all of Witherspoon’s produced movies have been hits (fugitive comedy Hot Pursuit struggled at the box office), she has helped bring the likes of Wild and Gone Girl to the screen. The actress has a number of movies in the works, including Ashley’s War, All Is Not Forgotten, Pale Blue Dot and a live-action take on Peter Pan character Tinkerbell in Tink.

reese-witherspoon poster

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